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India / Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari / Richa Chadha / Directed by - Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari / Release year - 2020. I think im gonna try the level at 7:20 doesnt look too hard.

Min chahta hon keh sir kapil ke show min 1bar zarur ayeen kea ap bhi chahty hine ? LIKE HARE

Welcome to Two Years of Mario Maker (2YMM), a special project celebrating the second anniversary of Super Mario Maker! We are a diverse group of makers who have gathered together to pay tribute to this awesome game. Click here to reach the official website of the project Today's level is by Jordan, aka SA-Y, aka the best maker in Oceania. He's one of the most active members of our community, always there to give a helping them in all the projects he's involved in. Including 2YMM. Level Title: [2YMM] Spooky Ghost Sandwich ID: E10E-0000-035F-D99F Description of Gameplay Elements: Ghosts are spooky. Mario is sandwiched between them. Ergo, Spooky Ghost Sandwich. Level naming ingenuity of this calibre only comes around every so often. If asked to summarise this level within a single sentence, one could say that the boos are white sandwich bread and Mario is the delicious Italian filling. Maker's Profile: After being thoroughly amazed, alongside many others, by the extremely difficult levels released by PangaeaPanga shortly after the game's release, Jordan sought to unleash upon the world extremely difficult levels of his own - and so, he did. Some time later, after watching countless viewer level streams and acting as the lead playtester for a series of weekly blind level races, he came to the somewhat obvious realisation that not many people actually enjoy playing these levels. His passion began to shift towards making well designed levels, of all genres, that could be enjoyed by more than just the "best of the best". The high point of Jordan's Mario Maker "career" was being given the opportunity to create a level for the Mario Maker relay race held at SGDQ 2016, which was soon after followed by invitations to design for 1YMM and numerous other community projects. Images / Video: Nice and easy A narrow escape These ghosts are in my way... First time hearing about the Mario Maker anniversary projects? Check out 1YMM, a collection of 32 wonderful levels! Previous 2YMM Levels: #1: "The Many Masks of Mario" by Lantis #2: "Spiny Side Down" by Buflen #3: "Casual Cloud Control" by Warspyking #4: "Crazy Chaser! " by CTRX #5: "Planet SMM388" by Seenoc #6: "In Muris Occulta" by Danilotl #7: "Hydro Headbutt" by Tubbaluvin #8: "Red Hot Chili Castle" by Simnil #9: "Unseparate Birdo & Yoshi! " by Pink Birdo #10: "Enchanted Road" by SReNT.

Who all are pissed because they missed KGF 2 ? Hit like. Osum Aj 2019 me bhi Wahi Power hai is song ki. Kangana is such a fantastic artist. I feel like protecting her from everyone. Watch Stream panasonic. Only for my YO YO HONEY SINGH JI. Thank you so much Ashwini for giving us a lovely & beautiful movie. Panga... very cute u Ashwini &all the actors of ur movie PANGA. I will watch it nice movie to watch. full entertainment... 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Watch Stream panama. Mario Maker 2: A game about making levels in a platformer game Mario Maker 2 Builders: Make levels that show you if people would choose others lives over theirs. Watch Stream panda security. Watch Stream panda cloud. Watch Stream panda bear. Watchstream paradise lost 2. Sidu paji ke bghair show ka maxa nahi hei.

When i realized that smm2 wouldn't have 100 mario challenge, i was kinda sad. if you look in twitch (for example), all of the top streamers there are playing 100 mario challenge, and this is most likely the sole reason anyone still cares about smm. it having such a replayable mode allowed streamers to stream it for years and still make it interesting to watch. i saw [this video]() a little while ago which explained why endless mode replacing 100 mario challenge will be bad for the game. i just kinda wanted to post this post to show that i do think 100 mario challenge is important for smm and one of the mains reasons people wanted to get an smm port is for 100 mario (I'm pretty sure thats one of the mains reasons why). so, the question is in the title, what do you think? please tell me in the comments. edit: i realized when people like carlsagan42 and panga are streaming then they're at the top and they're not playing 100 mario challenge but they rarely stream so it doesn't really matter.

I am the 666th view! Hell yeah. Watch Stream pangaea. Watch Stream paname. Hey everyone, I just realized that something I wrote up in a response to a r/subredditdrama post would also go well here, since it's not strictly reddit-related. Here's a sort-of roundup of drama from this year's Awesome Games Done Quick event. Background: Speedrunning is the hobby of trying to beat video games as fast as possible. Different "categories" impose certain rulesets (e. g. just beat the game, get all items, get 100% completion, etc). GDQ is a twice-annual event where speedrunners gather to have fun and play video games for a whole week. The event itself is basically a convention, but they also do a 24/7 livestream for the whole week raising money for charity, where speedrunners show off their runs back-to-back. The event always stirs up some sort of drama every time. So, without further ado, here's a roundup of all the drama I saw regarding AGDQ 2019: Neo-nazi gets banned, everyone starts yelling about free speech (Fun fact - the runner scheduled to replace him in the marathon was Jewish, and ended up being a fan favorite). Someone pays for a girl's trip there, then cancels her plane ticket back after she refuses to have sex with him. Banned by GDQ staff, but he's still out there trying to tell people they don't know the whole story, and that she somehow agreed to it beforehand. GDQ staff initially barred an attendee from entering, because his girlfriend paid for his registration, and she didn't show up with him (it was still registered to him). Staff recommended he tour the DC area, possibly unaware that everything is currently closed due to the government shutdown. Runner refers to his all-female team of commentators as "Lovely lady #1 through Lovely lady #3", sparking accusations of sexism. Even after all three commentators spoke out saying it was fine, they are friends, and they weren't offended, people were still deciding that they were still victims, just not wanting to say anything about it. Same runner as above decided that he would get up and do a Fortnite dance during an unskippable cutscene if someone donated $100 for it. He ended up getting ~$6000 [Repost note - original version of this post said $3000, but that was wrong] donated to charity for that, and did the dance for the whole 6 minute scene, prompting many viewers to decide that it was cringe and shouldn't have been done. Final Fantasy 9 (9 hour long) run had many segments of long cutscenes, with minimal gameplay going on. During the run, the conversation turned to how one of the runners was an unironic fan of Eiffel 65, and meme donations started pouring in about that and other obscure 90s-00s bands. Viewers were mad that these jokes were getting in the way of their beloved game's perfect cutscenes. Some also complained that the donation reader was having too much fun with it, even though the donations were only read after periods of 5-10 seconds of silence from the runners (it was literally just text mashing through cutscenes, with nothing to say). People were upset with the Super Mario Odyssey run, because the crowd was cheering "MOON" on every moon pickup for a while They had some pretty unrealistic donation incentives. One (doing the easter egg "Vivi & Quina Marriage" scene in FF9) was barely met with only few minutes left to go, but only because they mentioned with ~15 minutes left that they'd also be voice acting it. Another (playing the "Thumbshredder" level in a Super Mario World romhack) was not met, and only got about 50% of the $90, 000 goal. They added one at the beginning of the Super Mario Odyssey run, to do a boss rush mode. We're currently about 50% of the way to the time limit for that incentive, and the incentive is at about 30% of its $200, 000 goal. [Repost note - after my original post was made, the incentive was met close to the end of the run] People were mad at the TASbot segment this event, like they are at every TASbot segment. TASing (or "tool-assisted speedrunning") is when you write a script to automate the playing of a video game, typically to get a "theoretical" best time that you can't do when actually playing the game as a human. Every event, they have a TAS segment, and this one was a pretty big doozey. The first run (a Castlevania game) didn't even have the original script programmer there (he was at the event, but decided to sleep instead of going to his own run). The second was an obscure Flash game, so the commentary was basically "I know this doesn't look interesting, but if you played the level you'd appreciate it". The third wasn't even a speedrun - They hooked up the software to Twitch chat, and basically did a poll in chat to decide which word to use in Scribblenauts. This last one was a big donation incentive, and fell pretty flat. Despite the drama, here's a list of runs I highly recommend watching when the VODs go up on their YouTube channel: Mario Kart DS: 32 Tracks by Keverage - This one was carried really hard by the runner and couch's commentary. The entire run was ROB riding in a Yoshi egg car, dabbing to go faster, so it was a pretty good memefest. Also, "You hate to see it". Portal: Inbounds race by alex_sr and ConnorAce - Absolutely insane to watch, crazy tricks and strats, and the commentary by both runners and the couch was great. We also learned that the secret to nailing precise tricks is to play "Toxic" by Brittany Spears in your head. Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion: Any% by TonesBalones - This was the one I mentioned earlier with the 6 minute flossing for charity. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos: Orc Campaign by CovertMuffin - The runner for this one is kinda famous in the community for his goofy laugh, but this run was pretty fantastic, although he got absolutely NAILED by bad luck multiple times. He sort of prepared an act with his couch, giving one of the commentators "encouragement cards" that he read off at certain points in the run, which were pretty funny. Chex Quest: Extreme Ooze Max by peaches - This game was a texture swap of Doom, which was included for free in Chex cereal boxes. Fun commentary for a silly game. Celeste: All Chapters by TGH - Teej is one of the most skilled speedrunners on the internet right now, period. He becomes one of the best (if not THE best) at every speedgame he touches. This is him playing through a very difficult precision platformer. Super Mario Sunshine: 1v1 Lockout Bingo by PangeaPanga and SniperKing - This game has been at many GDQ events, but this particular run is a special circumstance: It's a race between the two runners to complete as many different challenges in the game as possible (e. "Get 10 blue coins in Bianco Hills" or "Defeat the Manta Ray boss"), before the other player can. Both runners were able to show off some really cool tricks, and the commentary did a good job of showing off what each runner was thinking when deciding what challenge to do next. Final Fantasy IX: Any% by Tojju, Muttski, and Luzbelheim - I'd only recommend this one if you REALLY like FF9, and want to see it completed in 9 hours, perhaps in the background for work or something. This one had some drama (see above), but I still really enjoyed it. I was one of the few people in the stream room all night watching it. Note: I know there were a lot of fan favorites I don't have listed here. I only listed ones that I saw at least part of, in person.

I'm a fairly big fan of all kind of mario maker streams, but recently one of the modes i like to watch is super expert no skip mode. Its fairly intense to watch them when they're about to lose a huge streak. Its also sometimes funny to see them struggle on a level we would insta skip. And its also really cool to see them beat well designed super hard levels. So the objective of this topic is to get to know more good super expert streamers and share why they are a good choice. Here are my personal favorite ones: IPunchKidsz This guy is probably the most entertaining of the mario 100 streamers. He talks to his chat a lot and he is always talking. In addition to this, his skill level is very high. He has reached a 14 Streak of super expert. Vellhart This streamer is possibly the most skilled one. In expert no skip, he actually managed to do a 36 Streak, and now in super expert, he currently holds the WR (i believe its 24 but i forgot). He also occasionnally does viewer Levels. AnnieFuchsia She isn't as skilled as the other 2 above, but she is still better than i am at the game, and is fairly entertaining. I would recommend taking a look at her stream. She also often do some viewer levels in between runs. Bonus: She is a cute girl =) Please note that being the best at super expert no skip is NOT the same thing as being the best at hardest levels. Its a completly different set of skills. Super Expert pros are master at finding dev doors, finding hidden powerups, expecting kaizo blocks, avoiding troll doors, doing leap of faith (yes, they have techniques to do those by pausing). On the other hand, pros like Panga or mitchflower probably did not develop those skills as much, because they specialise in hard levels. The same holds true for experts of viewer levels. They are not used to dealing with all the bad designs. So please, tell us about your favorite Super Expert streamers =).

I didnt skip the ads out of respect. Drunken respect. I have university issues to deal with in the morning. Drunken university issues. Thank you for your services. What I presume are your drunken services. Much love from Canada. Watch Stream panda. Everytime Salman Cracks a joke. Everyone on set tries to laugh as louder as can. 😂😂😂😂.

Watch streamango. Bhai logon i have just watched the movie now, and this is the actual honest review, baaki sab log over hyped reviews de rahein hai in gthe favor of the movie, actually its just an average movie, more like a drama and not fully sports oriented like chak de, dangal, sala khadoos etc etc... love your reviews brothers, i have subscribed your channel just because of this review. keep doing the good, unbiased and honest work.

WARNING: THIS IS LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Very long. This is a full transcript of Episode 102 of Mario Maker. Why? I dunno. I was bored and had nothing better to do, so I watched the episode, got so pissed at how fucking thin and pointless the commentary was, and decided "eh, fuck it, this sounds fun". Death counter might be off by one or two, but yeah, there ya go. I encourage you to read this without the episode playing. Create your own commentary. Its more entertaining that way. Enjoy (? ) level starts Arin (A): we go. See if I can make any headway on Pit of Panga. Dan (D): Alright Panga son of a bitch. A: dies immediately D: I wonder what episode of Mario Maker this is. This has to be, like, almost 100. A: Almost 100, yeah. D: Maybe more. But this would be way to take a little break from it with the fuckin' hardest shit in the world. A: death count: 2 how the fuck? D: Yeah. A: How do you...?.. on. D: Ok. A: death count: 3 What the fuck even do you do? D: A: What the fuck? death count: 4 Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. D: Whoa, ok. Hey now now now now now... A: whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa D: We're gonna look this up A: Oh yeah, we're gonna look this up real quick D: That took one minute and fifteen seconds A: Yeah, lemme see see, lemme see what's goin on. D: clears throat.. we pause? Should we pause the epis- A: Nah, nah. sounds of Mario Maker in bg A: WhAT THE FUCK? D: Whoahhhh! WHOAHHHHH! NO WAY! A: Alright, let's see if I can do this first D: No way, you can't- koopa on platform dies -op, well, now you can't. A: death count: 5 exhales deeply D: You can't do that. A: Jesus. D: You can't do what we just watched on YouTube. A: Hold on D: Alright. A: sound of stress D: There it is- A: death count: 6 laughs D: laughs there's no way you can do this! A: I can do it! I can do it, i swear. D: Alright. Essentially you have to, like, throw the turtle shell into the spring- A: death count: 7 God fucking Christ, dude! D: -and then jump off the turtle shell as it springs back at then go from there- A: death count: 8 OHHH! D: Awww! A: Man, I almost fucking did it! D: Yeah, almost. sarcastic A: Holy shit dude. D: This is not good. A: What the fuck. death count: 9 Awww shit! D: laughs Dude this is dicks. A: Hold on, I gotta watch-I gotta watch that again. I gotta watch the technique. D: Oh my is so hopeless. A: You gotta wait a little it to fall. death count: 10 D: A: And then jump. A: inhales sharply Ok, cool. exhales nervously I think I'll make it. 03% by the end of the episode. D: Yeah, yep. A: death count: 11 Ahh, fuck! D: laughs A: Goddamn, dude! D: Yeah, this is very, tense. A: death count: 12 Ahhh! I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it. D: A: Nonono, I got this, I got this, I got this. death count: 13 D + A: Ohhhh! A: So fucking close! D: That was that- A: So close! D: subdued ok... A: So close. Oh man, I can taste it, that's how close I wa- death count: 14 D + A: Ohhhh! A: Oh shit dude! D: Oh my God, dude! A: Oh shit! D: laughs A: Aww damn, my dick is hard as shit, bro! death count: 15 Oh fuck! I almost made that shit! D: You did not. A: Did you see that? Dude, my dick is lifting up the table! D: laughs you did not... A: death count: 16 oh shit-OHHHH FUCK! D: Not happening. A: Holy Goddamn D: This is impossible. A: God. D: Well, its not impossible. A: death count: 17 D:.., very improbable A: Phew, boy. D: Its like the infinite improbability drive from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A: Oh yeah. fu death count: 18 CKING SHIT! ohh... fucking SHIT! D: Dude, how in the name of-and then you have to catch the Yoshi in middair, and then eat the- A: death count: 19 Ugh! D: -and then you have to eat Is that it? Oh no, you have to jump off the Yoshi and onto the turtle. A: I think... D: I, who could even- A: death count: 20.. fucking Christ, dude. D: I know, this is an unbelievable- A: Jesus ffFUCKING Christ. exhales death count: 21 Ohhh! So CLOSE! D: If you even get over that one part, one time, I'll be incredibly impressed. A: death count: 21 Dammit! D: Nope! laughs A: Dammit dude! Damn! D: Dude. Look at this fucking graveyard of x's. Like its just a waterfall of shame. A: OH! OHHH! D: OHHH! A: death count: 22 AWW SHIT! OH MYGODI- spills into loud high-pitched gibberish Ohh, its starting to feel real, dude. death count: 23 OH shit, right in the fucking nose! D: laughs A: I got a turtle shell right in the nose, I gotta go to the doctor and make sure I don't (? ) nose- death count: 24 Dan: Oh! How? Howwww? A: You have to rfectly control your height. D: disgruntled moan of displeasure This wa- A: death count: 25 ughhh! D: This would be, like, Saw if this was like the 'if you die in the game, you die for real' scenario. A: hums the theme from Saw, I assume D: Like, 'you only got one shot at this'-ah! A: death count: 26 laughs in deep voice I wanna play a game. D: chuckles A: deep voice in front of you is a turtle shell. You have to use the turtle shell to bounce off top of the- D: Wha- A: death count: 27 deep voice then you have to get on Yoshi's back, and then when you do that you gotta go to the turtle- D: Did you just became Batman? A: Well that's the-that's the Saw guy, Jigsaw. D: That's what he sounds like? A: Yeah, he's like deep voice I wanna play a game D: deep voice, less gravely I thought he sounded more like this. A: deep voice I wanna play a game. D: Wow. Eh. A: That's kinda what he-cuz he's Tobin Bell. And Tobin Bell has that sort of, death count: 28 Ack! D: Who's Tobin Bell? A: Tobin Bell was the guy who played Jigsaw. D: Lemme-well, THAT I got. Thank you. Lemme look him up, I wanna see what he looks like. A: death count: 29 He's got a great voice. I-I love him. I think he's great. D: Really? A: And I'm so sad that SPOILERS he dies in like the 6th movie. D: Aww Jigsaw? A: Like, not, its so fucking convoluted. I-I'm sure somebody out there has done like a plot breakdown of, like, all 8 saw movies or whatever. death count: 30 D: There's 8? A: There's SO many of them! But like, they-they all the same plot. Its like a TV series, almost. D: Woah. A: Yeah, its like they continue death count: 31 Ohh SHIT I almost fuckin made it! D: Gosh. A: I almost fucking got on the Yoshi- burps death count: 32 D: laughs A: I love that fucking Tobin Bell guy, though. If I had made a cartoon or something that was, like, a longform thing, I would've gotten him to voice it. D: Aww, that's fucking awesome. A: Cuz he's just like deep voice You wanna play a game? D: Woah woah woah-aww A: death count: 33 Awww, shit! God, that is so fucking precise, dude! D: I know. And then what do you have to do? A: And the-and then... I dunno! I dunno! I guess I should prolly look it up death count: 34 D: yeah, you should prolly look into it before- A: Alright, alright, alright, alright. Lemme-lemme see what you have to do. D: Ok, ok. A: Its gonna fly by so fucking fast I'm not even gonna comprehend it. D: Aaand whoops. Mario Maker plays faintly in the bg A: Alright, so ya go and ya jump off the thing, land on the Yoshi, eat the the thing-oh my God! D: Are you kidding me? A: You have to eat the guy, shoot the guy at the POW, then jump out. D: That's fucking... ridiculous! A: Alright, hold on, lemme make sure-lemme make sure I got that again. silence for Mario Maker in the bg again A: And then jump off the P Block-Jesus fucking Christ! Alright, I'm doin' it. D: Alright, let's do it. A: here we go death count: 35 D: laughs A: Well that time didn't count cuz the turtle shell wasn't there- D: Aww yeah, right, right, right. I remember it now, ok. A:! death count: 36 shit. D: Ohhh boy... A: oh my fucking God... I think we're gonna have to stream this, dude. D: yeah, uh, yeah, uh, there's NO question that- A: death count: 37 Its gonna be a full day stream. D: Oh, oh, that's what you mean. I thought you meant, the YouTube video of person beating it and just comment over that. A: No. I'm gonna fucking do it. D: Are you-you will NEVER. A: I'm gonna do it D: EVER do this-and I, I am an optimistic person who believes in you in general. A: death count: 38 Dude, great, that's so nice of you to say, and that really gives me a lot of strength, in general. Not just with this, but in life. D: You haven't got a prayer. You don't have a prayer. Oh Go- A: death count: 39 OH FUCK! I LANDED ON YOSHI! D: You got on the Yoshi. A: I FUCKING DID IT, I LANDED ON THE YOSHI! D: I'm actually considering this a because you did that one time. A: death count: 40 Ohhh! Fuck me! Fuck me in the butt! Fuck me in the butthole, dude! D: exasperated chuckle A: Oh, right in the- death count: 41 OHHH right in the butthole! Ahhh right in my brown eye! D: Oh, my God. Dear Lord. A: My fucking loaf maker. D: Bwuahahawhat? A: death count: 42 Ohh shit! it makes makes my brown loaves. D: Ewuooh, no... A: My steamy brown loaves. death count: 43 D: That-that, I can't, um... A: Shit! D: Ok. A: Goddammit. infernal noises Got it. Lock down. death count: 44 Lock down! Lock down! Love lock down! A love lock down I gotta love lock down! A love lock down I gotta- D: What is going on with you? A: That's a Kanye song death count: 45 FUCK! D: Oh boy... A: Ass. Dicks. D: Ayass and dicks. A: Ass dicks. D: Ass and dicks. Dicks ass. Tits on my ass. Two tits on my dick. Four ass on my tits. death count: 46 D: Woah, WOAH! A: OHHHH! FUCK! D: You couldnt get off the Yoshi! A: Ohaha, man! Well you gotta eat the turtle shell, spit it out, and THEN jump off the Yoshi. D: Ohhh stop... A: death count: 47 Its fucking asinine, dude! D: yeah, yeah... A: Its ridiculous! There's no fucking way, man! D: Panga. Panga. What are ya doin? A: Ha! Ha- death count: 48 HahHAHAAAA! FUCK FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! D: ok. A: exhales fuck. D: God I wish I... I wish I wasn't so sick, I would thi- A: death count: 49 Ohhhh! D: I would have crazier reaction to all this. A: just... unintelligable gibberish D: I'm getting fuckin' flips on the inside though. A: Ass tits ass tits ass tits ass tits. But you know what? Its fuck-its doable, dude. Cuz I'm doing-I'm doing this every time now death count: 50 D: Yeah. A: I'm getting over the spikes every time. So if you just whittle away your patience, and your lifespan, can really do it. death count: 51 Fuck... D: And I guess if you create-ooh boy... I guess if you create THIS type of type of so many deaths will happen, like, right at the yet it makes you wanna try it more... A: death count: 52 D: it will ring up, like, an incredible amount of, like, attempts. A: True dat. D: I mean, this guy... 4 million times-woah! A: death count: 53 Ohhh, so close! Ohh! Ohh! D: Oh, you're a little farther away- A: Ohh! D: Your little feet are going... A: Oh Danny, oh Danny, Oh danny! Danny Boy! D: Yes. A: Oh Danny Boy to the tune of "Oh, Canada" death count: 54 That's Canada. D: Yeah, that is Canada. pauses, then laughs Twirp(sp? ) would not be proud right now. A: death count: 55 OHHH OH! OHOHOHOHOhohohoh... D: Oh boy... A: I was talking to a Canadian, was like- death count: 56 D: One of our friends from Tupperware Remix Party? A: No, nonono, another Canadian. D: Ah, just a rando. A: And he was, he was like "I'm from Canada" and then he was like, somebody was like "oh where" death count: 57 a United States-er D: Right. A: A United Citizen was like "oh where in Canada? ", and he was like "Oh, from here", and then she was like "where relative to the US is that? " death count: 58 D: laughs A: laughs And its like, its so sad that they have to be-cuz he knew, he was like "right above Montana", and its sad is it that he has to know OUR states in order to communicate where his shit is? death count: 59 D: Well Canada, I stuff is pretty spread out, man. A: Well, I wanna like "oh, its in Idaho" and then they're like "where is that relative to Canada? " its that, like- D: And they'd be all like "Idaho? No, YOU da ho" A: laughs D: That's my favorite Idaho- A: death count: 60 D: Is this starting to wear on you? A: oh... D: I'm seeing it on your face. A: oh... I've aged like 30 years death count: 61 D: We can't beat this Arin. background smacking of some kind D: This- A: This episode I'll fucking beating it D: This episode? A: This episode, I don't care if it goes three hours death count: 62 that didn't even... I don't even what happen- D: laughs I forgot to bring the dude, I can' that, cuz... I... I'm! A: death count: 63 Ohhh! Oh you trickster! Oh you jetster! D: I'll give you five more tries. A: You flotsam and Jetsum(sp? ) D: Ok, here we go. A: death count: 64 D: There's one. A: sputtering D: You grabbed that POW though. You grabbed that bonus POW. A: fucknfucknfucknfucknfucknfricknfrickn D: here! A: death count: 65 Aww dicks! D: Wow, you just get killed by the POW block. A: Aww dicks. D: Oh no, there's a spike underneath it, I see... A: Yeah, there's a spike underneath it. Plus lava. D: That is lava. Would've gotten you eventually... A: death count: 66 yeah, dicks. D: There's three laughs A: Yaw, dicks. sounds of guttural shame D: Y'know, I'll give you to ten. How 'bout that? A: Cuz they go- death count: 67 they go so fast! D: Yeah, they go fast. There's 4. D: laughs A: death count: 68 Aww dicks. D: We won't count that one (author's note: but I will) A: guttural noises of shame D: laughs A: Aww titsss... D: Stop A: I want tits. AHA! death count: 69 D: Five. A: Aww pussy. A: Aww tits. D: Halfway through. A: death count: 70 tits in my eye D: hearty laugh six. A: tits. death count: 71 nipples runnin' through my mind D: eight. No seven, seven, sorry. A: Just fuckin'.. shit sucks. D: I know, its impossible A: This shit sucks. Everybody's like "Ohh, you should play Panga, play Panga, you should play it. It'd be great" death count: 72 D: Did they say that? A: yeah, everybody. Cuz this is like the most famously hard stage in the fucking planet. they're like "you should play Pit of Panga, you should do it, no, it'd be really funny, yeah, it'll be funny, it'll be funny" death count: 73 fuck you! It'll be funny for you! D: nine. this is your- A: Ain't funny for me, it'll be funny for you! You don't even think about my feelings do you?! D: Last chance, last chance, make it count! A: death count: 74 AHH! D: laughs A: OWWWW! NO! D: Alright one super final chance, super final chance! This is it. A: Mario! Ughh, dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks Pit of Panga! D: YES! A: death count: 75 SHIT! D: Aww. Fuck it. A: OW! D: Next time on Game Grumps... A: Nooo! D: Arin y- A: Noo! D: You didn't even make it past two seconds in. A: sighs Two seconds fu- death count: 76 D: laughs A: Hahhh I just wanna jack off. D: laughs A: Just to give me somethin- D: Just feel anything, yeah A: death count: 77 OWWWWW NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS! D: laughs A: NEXT TIIIIIME! D: laughs A: We're gonna stream this. D: We're not. A: I'm gonna beat it on a stream D: You can stream it. A: I'm gonna stream it and we're gonna beat it on a stream, next time on Game Grumps. D: I'm gonna eat some sushi in the other room and cry. A: We're gonna announce the date of that stream and we're gonna fuckin' do it. D: Love you. Bye everyone. A: Bye everybody EPISODE ENDS Author's Note: Don't worry, I dont plan on doing this ever, ever again, and I implore anyone reading this: don't try doing this too. I did this purely to see what it would be like. It sucked. So take my advice. Never do this. I hope you enjoyed regardless somehow.

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